From the first of June, 2013 The Great British Relay will be running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and covering over 7000 kilometres.

Carrying our specially designed GPS baton right around England, Scotland and Wales, you and your team can run one of 594 stages and get yourself into the Guinness Book of Records! (Click for current record)

Which stage will you choose? Will you be running the John O'Groats leg or will you spot Nessie as you run along the shore of her famous home, Loch Ness?

Imagine carrying the baton over the Menai Straits, to Land's End or across Tower Bridge!

All we ask is that you can run at an average pace of 10km per hour and be sure that you can manage the length of the stage you choose. (Distances range from around 10 km right up to 30).

Challenge yourself and your friends- get a support team together and have some fun. You only pay for the stage so your team can get their names in the Guinness Book of Records for free.(Or you could ask them to chip in!) We also throw in the Great British Relay Official Runner technical tee shirt for you to run in. Don't worry if your team mates are jealous extra shirts are available to buy. We can even print your name on them for you!(Or the name of your running club or business).

This event is a great opportunity to raise money for your favourite charity too! (Our official charity is Sue Ryder and while we encourage you to support them you are under no obligation).

So does Record Breaker have a nice ring to it? Choose your stage now!

Places are limited so grab your favorite route before it's gone and be sure to tell your friends!

Together we'll smash the world record for the longest continuous running relay!

How to enter

Go to the stages page and find if the stage you want to run is still available. The Great British Relay starts in the North East of England on June 1st and travels around the UK in an anti-clockwise direction. The regions are

Our Amazing Sign and How It Was Built

Many people have noticed the truly awesome sign we have at the event. The way we accomplished this creation was using a blend of aluminum lettering and some custom plastic molded letters. All it took was a bit of creativity and we had the exact look we wanted.

North East England-Scotland-North West England-Wales-South West England-South

Coast-South East England-East Coast.

Once you've found a stage you want to run you can view a map of the suggested route. If you've got an alternate route that is roughly the same distance and starts and ends at the same points as our route we're happy to take advantage of your local knowledge!